LoRaWAN Node Energy Calculator

Yes there have been others, but I am now using Nodes (Cubecell) that turn off the sensor current and needed a calulator that takes account of this and otehr factors.

This LoRaWAN Node Energy Calculator uses as its base the Semtech™ air time formula, and takes account of the following with input in the yellow box only:

  • Sensors that are powered on for a limited time with power control,
  • Start and End time for the waking of Node from sleep
  • The MCU / RX current consumption
  • Sleep current
  • Tx Power Min and Max
  • Payload size total and for the overhead
  • Battery capacity- useable
  • Min, Avg, and Max SF used

The results provide and estimated energy consumptions based on the respective elements of the usage such as Tx power, and gives battery life in days and years and airtime usage information such as % Duty-cycle and % of TTN fair use policy.

Note the maths and cells are protected to limit the changes that can be made in error, and there are a number of estimates made in the sheet to limit the complexity, use as a guide only. I hope it is of use to the community. https://securethings.uk


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