LoRaWAN packets in ns-3 simulation

Hello, everyone. I’m new here and to LoRaWAN :slight_smile: , i’ve been checking a simulated LoRaWAN network using ns-3 LoRaWAN module(GitHub - signetlabdei/lorawan: An ns-3 module for simulation of LoRaWAN networks) and i just can’t get to understand what these hex numbers logged are supposed to mean.

I looked all over the source code on the module but they don’t mention how they represent packets and it seems they use a 12-digit hex number for both packets and devices.

For example, in the source code network-server.cc, NS_LOG_FUNCTION(this << packet) logs 0x55b9aa1b1cf0, 0x55b9aa1b3420.
And the numbers are all the same except last 4 digits for gateways, end devices and network server.

What exactly are they and how can i actually get packets or how do i create a LoRaWAN packet myself in ns-3 that goes from Network Server to Application server?

I will basically bit-flip the DevAddr, FCnt, FrmPayload to simulate an MITM/bit-flipping attack.

Thanks in advance.

I’m seriously noob myself but have you seen this online packet decoder?