LoRawan relay feature

Hi all,
How to implement this relay feature?

Wait three to five years, it should be ready for mainstream use by then.

Or be the first!

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Have TTI given any indication that they are planning to introduce the relay feature ?

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i think …, not introduce yet. that feature is great for Lorawan.

Also see https://www.dryad.net/ , they have implemented something like that.

If I read what Dryad is doing, looks like they are using it already.

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Great ?

Not so sure myself.

Whilst a permanently listening LoRa device acting a relay can in effect double range, the relay feature described uses CAD to detect on air activity and when I tested this there was a drop off in effective sensitivity, i.e CAD did not detect the weakest signals that could have been received.

And if you need to put in a lot of these ‘relays’ to reach distant nodes, then maybe a better placed Gateway is what is needed.

Time will tell.

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Yes, they are reporting using a (patent pending) mesh setup, although there are public domain mesh setups already.

But forest fire detection, does not in the vast majority of circumstances, generate much traffic at all. Maybe a once a day I am alive message …

A mesh setup in a typical TTN scenario could generate huge amounts of traffic, so could well struggle to stay legal. Perhaps this is why the direct relay approach is being suggested, rather than a mesh solution.

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