Lorawan repeater


I’m looking for a solution for this problem:
It is possible to repeat the signal between node and gateway when no direct connection is available? Where I can place a similar “repeater” I have electrical power available, but not internet connection.


I guess this would be feasible for uplink messages having a gateway (lora concentrator) sending all messages it receive using a transmitter, but for downlink messages, it would be more problematic to ensure all receive windows are properly handled, as a slight delay would be induced by repeating the message.


No … not for LoRaWAN.

maybe its possible for lora direct communication

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That’s precisely what this repeater was designed for - LoRa (not LoRaWAN) range extension for 1 or more end nodes at remotes sites/campuses, wide area Agri-biz or in ‘dark’ hard to reach spaced (e.g. deep basements etc.). Standard builds support SF 9 or SF11 if I recall, I believe other SF’s could be supported as a custom order. LoRaWAN Gateways and, if passed on transparently by the GW, some NS will see the LoRa packets coming in and if you have access to develop s/w then a LoRa packet handler can be used to intercept and process the ‘LoRa only’ messages as and when needed. I would need to check if repeater behaves transparently or if it expects (from source node) and passes on Ultra-RF formatted protocol.

@massimo-mantoni what functionality are you looking for for the end node(s)

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A LoRa simple packet relay is a very easy bit of code. However, what the code does not do is detect a relay loop.

I use it to significantly increase the range of my trackers, code and links to articles on how its used and how to build a relay are here;

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I have successfully implemented a repeater system for LoRa (not LoRaWAN). The system will only repeat LoRa packets tagged as belonging to my application, implements loop avoidance and limits the maximum number of transit hops. It functions between layer 2 and 3 of the OSI model (i.e. a cross between a bridge and a router). The repeaters and the receiving gateway(s) also implement data redundancy elimination by identifying the same payload being received from multiple repeaters and dropping the duplicates.