LoRaWAN satellite service providers

Dear Sirs:
I know that Lacuna Space has put in orbit five LoRaWAN satellite gateways. Lacuna space mission is to provide global LoRaWAN connectivity. Also they are using unlicensed ISM bands for device to satellite communication. I have found no information on when they will start operating.
Does anyone know of another organization that is placing LoRaWAN LEO satellites using the ISM band?
Best regards
Fernando Arbe

I have also been watching Lacuna Space very closely waiting for any kind of dev kit or beta service.
Keenly waiting to send my bits into space.

Hi Jacky4566.
There are other IoT satellites options like these ones:
They implement direct to satellite communication but they do not use free lilcensing ISM bands like LACUNA.
I’ll keep waiting for news from LACUNA Space

The same this end,

I filled out their form already twice (one year ago) to receive info here, but uptil now to no avail.
Looks like all too commercial to me as the above mentioned satelite providers to get started with their lorawan product.

Hi friends:
I understand that Eutelsat will be offering a lacuna-like service at the end of the year. At the moment they are offering a Sigfox service called Admiral LEO and will soon do so with lorawan.

Hi Jeff:
They are good news. Will they use license free ism bands such as lacuna or Eutelsat ELO?
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