Lorawan: Skewness or Gyroscope sensors

Hi everyone, I don’t know if this is the right place for it. But I have a question regarding a wish from my client.

They would like to measure the skewness of some objects outside with IoT and Lorawan. I have already searched for skewness sensors or (3 axis motion) gyroscope sensors, only I can’t really find anything.

I did come across this example, but I don’t see which sensors etc are being used. Can someone help me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!

skewness gyroscope
Gyroscope skewness sensor

Available MEMS gyroscopes measure only rotation (rate of change) they cannot measure rotational position.

Often they are combined on the same chip as a 3-axis accelerometer, that can measure “tilt” relative to the vertical.

To measure rotational orientation you’d need something externally referenced, for example a magnetometer - you can get 9 axis devices with that included (often it’s actually a second die, but in the same package), however these can be influenced by magnetic fields including high currents. A LoRaWAN node not near something else interfering is probably okay, at least if it is careful to take measurements in between radio operations.

In theory with a long measurement time the gyrocompass principle can be used to find the axis of the earth’s rotation, but you’d have to research if a MEMS gyro is sufficient for that.