LoRaWAN v1.1 certified radio modules

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Hello everyone,

I’m searching information about market ready radio modules or end-devices that are certified for LoRaWAN v1.1 specifically.

The official listing of the LoRa Alliance only shows LoRaWAN v1.0.X certified products as far as I can see. Does anybody know about certified LoRaWAN v1.1 hardware modules or software implementations of the stack?

The closest implementation that I know about is this https://os.mbed.com/users/dudmuck/code/lorawan1v1/, which is a software implementation of the stack, but still a work in progress for EU zone.


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maybe its a bit TO new … you can’t buy wifi 6 consumer products for example, but they are coming :sunglasses:

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Hello BoRRoZ,

Thanks for answering. I would need either Class A or Class C devices.

The reason I’m interested in LoRaWAN v1.1 devices is mainly for academic research.

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There are no certified modules/products yet, because the certification scheme is not ready for v1.1. It will be some time. The latest certified products are v1.0.2

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Thanks for your reply.

I will come back to this thread when I find 1.1 modules.


Coolio, see you in 2020 …