Lose Downlink Queue (TTN Stack v3)

Hi everyone,

I am using MQTT to schedule downlink messages to the end device. The device is able to get some messages however, it seems as if some messages are getting dropped on the queue. Can anyone please help me out, what could be the reason for this message.

Screenshot from 2020-05-03 14-35-52

What version of TTI you on?
Is your device class A or C?
I’ve tested class c on v3.7.2 all works well also check Gateway log
Also you can subscribe to these topics might help

  • v3/{application id}/devices/{device id}/down/queued
  • v3/{application id}/devices/{device id}/down/sent
  • v3/{application id}/devices/{device id}/down/ack
  • v3/{application id}/devices/{device id}/down/nack
  • v3/{application id}/devices/{device id}/down/failed

// Gateway log
10:45:58 femto-80029c09dd51 send downlink message
10:45:58 femto-80029c09dd51 transmit downlink message successful

Would you kindly provide the stack logs at the time of scheduling ? We need more details in order to pinpoint the cause of queue drop.

@iiLaw I use the TTN Stack v3.5.2. On my end device I use class A and I did not activate Class C on my backend. I also will try to implement the other mqtt topics, that will also help me out thanks.
@adrianmares I have been looking for a way to view logs, I only see them on my console only. Where are they stored?

I would upgrade to v3.7.2 I found 3.5x not good with down links or class C
Or may be wait as I think downlinks in Console is very close to release

The console/docker logs are fine, we are currently only logging to console (since then other specialized tools may pick up the logs from there, instead of us reinventing the wheel). However, I would indeed advise you to upgrade your instance after running a backup and see if the newer versions help.

Let me upgrade to v3.7.2, if then the same thing happens I will come back to you guys, thanks.

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