Low cost ready-to-use outdoor temperature sensor kit for larger deployments?


Sorry I used the .com and it is https://www.comtac.ch

(Baranidesign) #43

For meaningfull outdoor temperature data not influenced by heating from the sun or building walls, have a look at the MeteoHelix LoRaWAN weather stations.

(Baranidesign) #44

Take a look at the MeteoHelix LoRaWAN weather stations. https://www.baranidesign.com/meteohelix-pro-weather-station/

(Radek Vozák) #45

Sure, but is only for RH purpose. Our board is mainboard for many extensions boards (1-4x S0, MBUS, MODBUS, PMx, Ultrasound and more will come). RHT sensor is on mainboard. You can take a look here: http://chytra-obec.cz/en/. Btw in 100pc we can reach 40EUR per pcs including box.

(Petervande Pol) #46

Interesting. How long will it run on batteries? If I look at your datasheet is says a week or am I wrong?

(Radek Vozák) #47

Hi @PetervandePol
inside our datasheet is:

Battery Life Recommended battery; RHT
measurement and unconfirmed
LoRa Tx: 1x/30 minutes; Ideal
RF conditions
– 16 – week

= means with CR2450 (coin battery) and with 30minutes interval (50msg per day) you can reach cca 16 weeks (16 units, 1 unit is week). This coin battery has about 500mAh.

So if you will use standard 2400mAh AA lithium battery you can run it for 20 months (almost 2 years with 30 minutes interval). If you will set up interval only 6x per day you can go up to 10 years.

All depends also on SF (data rate), confirmed/uncofirmed message, if your NS support adaptive data rate etc.

If you have other questions, pls let me know - vozak@rvtech.cz . best regards R.V.

(Rolf ) #48

Still looking for this sensor? We are in contact with a manufacturer of these devices. If so, reach me at: rolf@onethinx.com