Low cost ready-to-use outdoor temperature sensor kit for larger deployments?

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Hi there,

Does anyone have any experience with simple, low cost temperature sensors (outside)?
We need to map a (smaller) city so price is an issue.

I’m asking because in our experience the LoRaWan sensors differ quite a lot in terms of quality, so if anyone has a suggestion please tell me.

Thanks for the help!


So you are looking for low cost, simple but also quality .

What brands didn’t make it in 'your experience So we have an idea what not to look for/mention.
And what’s your budget more or less per sensor ? and large deployment … 10 … 50 … 500 ?

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I’m also looking for temp/humidity sensors with a decent quality and low price. A candidate could be “RISINGHF TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY SENSOR RHF1S001” that cost €48. I have not tried it, but might purchase some for testing. Shipping is pricy for purchasing single items though. Also this device is not supporting CayenneLPP, this could be a factor in a comparison spreadsheet.

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‘Low Cost’ means different things to different people.

So what do you consider ‘Low Cost’ ?

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Another candiate could be Lairds Sentrius™ RS1xx. Looks pretty cool, great documentation and can be configured with bluetooth from a phone. Unit price seems to be 66€ on digikey.

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These are good - I use some, and about to grab a few more for a pending project - esp now that the newer f/w builds allow easy use with Cayenne/LPP vs Laird proprietary payload, no need for dedicated node-red server/handler to pass timestamp on 1st join etc., & option for unconfirmed packets. Easily set up using BT app over Android device. Note ‘unconfirmed’ still means a conf/ack package every 10 samples so need to back off update rate to minimize impact on GW duty cycle - and to avoid falling foul of e.g TTN (and other networks) FUP or scales charging - main barrier to what I would consider ‘large scale’ deployment. If only ack’ing 1/day then not too bad. intent is it uses ack to confirm still on network otherwise attempts rejoin or device reset/restart - a good but brute force method of watchdog! :wink: Have fedback to Laird the need for flexibility inc option to change ack frequency to allow back off so that more frequent updates of sample values possible/practical. 1/10 means a 15 min update generates an ack every 2.5 hrs …9-10/day = too many esp as scale of deployment hits many 100’s/1000’s!

Quality build, easy to set up, option for 2xAA Alkali or longer life LiOn batteries selectable from config menu but would not consider €66/£55 (plus taxes/shipping) to be cheap…cheap to me would be <half that! :wink:


Take a look at this site: https://lpwanmarket.com/


yes tnx… have seen that site before, its a start, but type ‘temperature sensor’ and see what you get back.
not very usefull for this question.


Or make by us a shared spreatsheet on google doc’s and linked to here.
Then a several people off your choise can mantain it.


ok… there have been some initiatives a long time ago, its a full time job, don’t underestimate this.
personally I don’t have much time left (but it could be a one man’s/wowan’s business setting up a site where you can find all commercial professional sensors / gateways /)

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If you widen the scope to include lora (and by that I presume you mean point to point LoRa) I would expect a large influx of posts from people\hobbysists wanting advice on how to configure their Arduinos for plain lora applications, that have no connection with TTN.

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wow that’s a lot of answers, thank you! :slight_smile:

Of course low cost means different values for different people, however, as we all have to think economically usually this means “as low as possible while doing what it’s supposed to do”. I don’t need scientifically accurate temperatures but it should be consistent.

The reason I’m asking is: A while ago we tested CO2 devices from a) Globalsat and b) Zane.hu - the sensors that zane used drift extremely, the Globalsat devices are very consistent. We compared 10 devices each, same location and setup. While drift is expected and in general only a trend canbe meaningfully used, it comes down to the auto calibration they use.
The thing is, if you show both charts to a customer - it’s obvious that he will choose the one where all the measurements are aligned nicely - no matter if this is clever auto calibration, fake data or accurate measurements.
Since the LoRaWan market is quite new, there are huge variances in both price and quality, that’s why I prefer to ask about other experiences before testing.

As @BoRRoZ mentions you cannot sell Arduino/Homebrew/3D printed sensors to cities, no matter how cheap and accurate they are, it’s simply no option.

In the first phase it will be tested with around 20 sensors, expanding to 100-200 at a later stage.


How about this one: https://www.tindie.com/products/edwin/waterproof-battery-powered-lora-sensor-node-lsn50/.It includes 4000mAH battery, programable, use STM32 low power chip, IP65, you can add a SHT20 to it for temperature & humdity. Total cost will be ~$40 for sample (exclude tax,shipping).

It support Cayenne, the manual is here: LSN50 Manual

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Well, if you cannot find a suitable ‘low cost’ device that is CE, IP65 etc, its possible there is not one out there.

Maybe the market will have to wait for a low cost device from China that is fake CE …

What is the application, I cannot immediatly think why you would want to measure the outdoor temperature at lots of different locations in a city ?

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I’m referring to the context, please can you just stop posting offtopic stuff? Thank you.

@LoRaTracker there are many out there, I’m asking about experience in this thread.
The scenario is the validation of interpolated temperature maps.


Low-cost, IP65 and CE for a low price then you must order a lot.
But a nice sollution you couldThis text will be hidden find on the wall off TheThingsNetwork at the last event. But there is also a link to the market place: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/marketplace
But on the event I saw several people/companie’s how how sell’s ready to use device’s for in or out site. But the price form ready a IoT device or stille above the 50 - more euro’s.
Maybee look to the product’s off the swiss company Com.T.ac (comtac.com) they make a lot ready to use device’s and all so on custumer order, but within their standaard component’s.
But all so you can wait on the TTN generic node it would be a new proff off consept. https://www.genericnode.com/ or https://thethingsindustries.pr.co/170875-the-generic-node-is-a-disruptive-new-lorawan-device-based-on-the-concept-of-software-defined-iot
Let us hear how your project will grow here or in PM.

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What about our Cube? It has temperature and humidity sensor on board. It is around 40EUR + case IP65 from GAINTA what we use for another sensor. So it will be about 50EUR per 1 pc.


We have about 100pcs ready to ship.

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Hi. Have you seen the Sagemcom multi purpose devices? IP65, from a large French manufacturer and Sub 40€

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Can you provide a link to comtac? The above doesn’t seem to work

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A complete, IP65 enclosed sensor, certified costs from 40 EUR upwards… so that would be the better option.