Lprs era-lora

I’m trying to transmit from a node made from an LPRS era-lora and and LoPy4 nano-gateway.
Same frequency, SF, preamble and so on.

The only strange parameter in LPRS module is Group ID, which seems to be something like classical SyncWord.

Nevertheless while my RF analyser see LoRa signal, the LoPy4 see no incoming frames.

Any idea?
PS: The LoPy4 nanogateway run perfectly with other end devices.

hmmmmmmmmm… :thinking:

There have been a few requests in here about UART front ended LoRa modules, Ebyte for instance do some similar ones. Not heard of anyone getting them working with TTN.

Could be worth asking LPRS if they have any settings or software that is TTN compatible for their modules.

Sorry for my poor english :-/

I mean the LoRa transceiver in my end device is a TPS eRa-LoRa.

Hope this is clearer :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice.

But the PHY layer seems to be the problem, as I tried this morning the LoPy in raw LoRa mode.
Thus this forum may be not the right place :slight_smile:


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