LPS8 - Local MQTT && TTN3

i’ve played arround a while - also with old FW and the latest, but it seems that from the GUI there is no chance to have MQTT enabled and working TTN in parallel. From a technical standpoint i do not see any issue to support both, the question is if this is possible somehow to make both work in parallel…

Thanks a lot Norbert

For MQTT the unit runs a local backend and for TTN it connects to the TTN backend. Using two backends in parallel results in all kinds of potential issues and is not supported because of that. The packet forwarder does not have the option to connect to two backends so it is a technical limitation.

Thanks for the feedback.

still unclear as at least two platforms are supported to be linked (primary, secondary) and the FROM-Sensor direction should not really be an issue as its simply sending messages. Downlink to the sensor maybe but still i do not see the big problem when two iot platforms can exist.

But if its not supported the discussion anyhow does not help. Thanks again for the clear answer.

Consider LoRaWAN encryption and what is required to decrypt messages from a sensor and where those keys (and the other end device information) are stored and you have to answer to why it is an issue.