LPS8 only transmits gateway status


I have a LPS8 gateway connected successfully to TTNv3 but it is only transmitting its gateway status and no LoRa frames:

Is there a misconfiguration?

Thanks for your help.

Probably not as far as the gw is concerned, clearly it is set up in the console and is communicating with the TTN back end…… assuming frequency is correct for your region/application.

….the node however we have no clue about as you haven’t told us anything!…….

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It is installed at a friends home and should receive many LoRa frames. I guess I need to check it on site if it is on a very bad place with now LoRa reception, but still it’s weird that it’s not receiving any frame.

Not at all - if there are no transmitting and active nodes in range/LOS. !

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