LPS8v2 - Basic Station Mode - empty Gateway Traffic Log

i have switched from UDP Mode to Basic Station mode as it is considered newer and better.
But the Gateway Traffic Log stays empty. The TTN Live Data shows some Uplinks.

I already find this Thread from 2021.

But are there any News or Solutions for the LPS8v2?
Thanks in advance!

My Gateway is offline since a couple of month because my project is no longer active.
The last firmware update i made was “dragino-lgw–v5.4.1675738086-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin” in February this year - and like you mentioned - the log in the router stays empty.
When my project was still running i always used the live data view from the things network website.
So unfortunately no updates from my side to this.
Best regards

Just activated my LPS8 and did the last firmware update - still no activity logging.
So nothing is wrong with your LPS8 - its still a problem with the firmware…

I am astonished that Dragino did not solve this problem until today. More than one year ago I had this problem (not showing anything in GatewayTraffic) with my Dragino LIG16. That is the reason why I still today use Semtech UDP.

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Thats sad. But thank you for your answer!

Today i made another firmware update. (dragino-lgw–v5.4.1704801796-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin)

For a Minute my gateway was running in semtech UDP mode before i switched back to basic station.
In exact this minute it received a packet which showed up in the traffic log.
After switching back to basic station, following packets the gateway received did no longer show up in the log. I only can see them in live data on the thingsnetwork website.

For me it seems that the traffic log only works with semtech UDP mode.