LR1110 Lora Cloud GNSS problem

Now I have a LR1110, and I can get poristion in TTN lora cloud DAS by LR1110 sdk .
But I can’t get position in TTN Lora Cloud GAS。In live data display Ignore invalid GNSS message payload。
Now in latest lr1110 SDK,there are two positioning methods,single frame and multiframe.

single format :

Byte 0 1 2…
Field TAG(0x07) Length NAV message

multframe format :

Byte 0 1 2 3 4 …
Field TAG(0x0f) Length scan group token NAV index + Detected SV NAV message

Is this format correct on TTN? If error,please provide the correct format。

Add another point,the data port is195

Did you ever solve this? Im now also getting “Ignore invalid GNSS message” using LR1120 Dev Kit and geolocation example app.

Do not double post, it splits attention and resources and scatters answers, especially on hijacked threads, making future discovery harder. Will close this and leave your other more specific post/thread for any advice and follow up.