LT-22222-L ate my password

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I’m pretty new to LoRaWAN/Dragino but successfully installed my LPS8v2 gateway and made it talk to the LT-22222-L and vice versa - so far so good.

After spending some more time reading the docs I also managed to send AT commands to the LT using a TTL2USB device without any problem. Then I discovered the AT+PWORD command and now I have a problem: neither the default nor my new password is accepted and gets an “Incorrect Password” reply.

So what now? Ask Dragino or did anyone run into this problem before?



…in the meantime I got a reply from Dragino support:

The solution is to flash the device with a different frequency image which will do a factory reset and also reset the password to its default.
After flashing again with the correct frequency image the device works as before and AT commands can be issued again as expected :slight_smile:

For flashing I used the STM32CubeProgrammer.
The recommended STM32 Flash loader demonstrator (FLASHER-STM32) did not work for me.

BTW, I have no idea why changing the password failed because I only used a very simple and short PW.
But now I really don’t think it’s necessary to change it and will keep the standard for the time being :wink:

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