LT-22222-L don't trigger uplink


I am trying to configure a LT-22222-L device using DI1 as a trigger.

I am ussing theese downlink commands (using the documentation) to configure it, but when I test de configuration don’t recive any uplink. I only receive the periodic uplink of mode 1.

  • 0x 04 FE** → Reset the device to default factory
  • 0x0A 06 01 ->** Enable trigger mode MOD6
  • 0xAA 02 01 00 ->** Enable DI1 as trigger
  • 0x09 01 02 64 ->** DI1 interrupt mode as falling/raising edge with 100ms valid signal

Using 0xAB 06 I saw DI1_status=True and Mode_status=True so, I am using correct configuration I guess.

I have a similar problem with the LT-22222-L. Supposedly I have mode 6 configured correctly, since it appears in the Work_Mode: “Exit Mode” and checking the JS decoder of the device that mode coincides with Trigger mode 6. The fact is that I configure the trigger values for AVI1 (For example, I send the following Downlink: AA001388000000000000 which corresponds to 5V(max), 0V(min), 0, 0. Then I give AVI1 a voltage lower than 5V and it does not does nothing. You should receive an Uplink,…