LWL01 DOes not connect to TTS


I am very new to LoRa and since 3 days I try to get this LWL01 sensor running with my LG01-N. The Gateway is running fine but LWL01 is not doing anything. I found 2 threads in this forum but none of them helped to fix my problem.
The LWL01 does not connect. Using a Terminal to connect to the sensor I just see the following messages:

[3327]Frequency Band: EU868 v1.3
[3334]class type A
[3336]freq mode intra

[3340]***** UpLinkCounter= 0 *****
[3351]TX on freq 868100000 Hz at DR 5
[3360]Start to Join, method 2, nb_trials:48
[8411]RX on freq 868100000 Hz at DR 5
[9416]RX on freq 869525000 Hz at DR 3

[10360]***** UpLinkCounter= 0 *****
[10364]TX on freq 868100000 Hz at DR 5
[15423]RX on freq 868100000 Hz at DR 5
[16429]RX on freq 869525000 Hz at DR 3

[469207]Wait 1 hour for new round of scan

In the TTS console I sometimes see “Accept join-request” and that’s it.

On the sensor itself I could see that during the connection attempts the
AT+CDATARATE is set to 5 which is SF7,BW125. Once the sensor stopped trying to connect
AT+CDATARATE is set to 0 which is SF12,BW125. The problem is that the LWL01 can only be set to SF9 for RX2 or SF12 for RX2 in the TTS Console on thethingsnetwork.
The Gateway is running on SF7,BW125.

Can somebody please help me. I do not know what I need to do to make this sensor running.

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The Dragino LG01 is no gateway but a single channel packet forwarder. It must not be connected to TTN or TTS - please see many other topics concerning this problem.
I would recommend to use a Dragino LPS8 or LIG16 as gateway.

And this is the sort of disruptive issue the community can experience when they are within range of your single channel packet forwarder. This is one of the reasons these devices should not be used with TTN.

Please search the forum for “SCPF” for further details.

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