M-Linux versus node-RED

(Antonio) #1


Conduit comes in two versions one running Node-RED and
mLinux. When you purchase the gateway, you must select one of them. We have a
doubt about which to choose (Node-RED or mLinux).

We are interested in developing an application in the
gateway that receive data from nodes, gateway processes, stores and sends data
to network server via TCP, http, etc. In the other way, the network server will
send data to the gateway, the application in the gateway should be able to receive, process, store and send data to several nodes simultaneously.

Could you read or
write from the gateway to a MySQL o MongoDB database?

What is the best
option Node-RED or m-Linux?

(Lawrence Griffiths) #2

The best option for TTN is AEP but running as packet forwarder that way your get the free device HQ cloud service form MT. This allows you to remote re-boot and do remote firmware upgrades,
If your chose mLinux you get none of this.

Alas you can’t run AEP node-red & packet forwarder at the same time.
We use node-red version where we run a LoRaWN for a small site like a building.

write from the gateway to a MySQL o MongoDB database?
Yes … sort of if you have had a REST interface to those DBs.
What we and many others do is use a cloud IoT service to store all sensor data.
We like opensensors.io It’s free for all public data.


Well, I am running poly forwarder on my mLinux converted to AEP.
You don’t need to enable Packet forwarder through AEP’s gui that would disabled your local net/app servers.
You can just modify the startup script to run Poly and get packets on localhost and send them to TTN at the same time.

(Lawrence Griffiths) #4

@Wojtek nice one :smile:

(Gabo2048) #5

Hi wojciech,
I want to know, how do i converter my conduit mlinux to aep?


(Milukic) #6

I would also like to have an answer to this question, please :slight_smile:

(Barsznica) #7

I was told to buy the AEP version:
It comes with some keys (or something, can’t exactly remember) that allow it to work in AEP mode.
You can change this from/to mLinux and back again with no downside!
The mLinux version does not come with these “keys” and, therefore, does not allow all the features of AEP.
Note: Just what I have been told!