Make TagoIO use timestamp from application payload instead of metadata

I’m working on backlogging for my LoRaWAN probe. I’m using HTTP POST to send the data to TagoIO. Normally the Tago integration sends a JSON with timestamp of the packet.

But because I need to do backlogging, I need to basically sent packets older than the ones before. My node will be sending timestamp of the backlogged packet as a part of the payload.

The question is, can I somehow decode the payload and send the decoded timestamp instead of the standard metadata timestamp? If, yes can you try to point me to the right resource?


Since you’ve got no responses yet: I’m afraid you’ll need some intermediate server to be in full control of whatever will be sent to TagoIO.

If you don’t have a server yourself then might get you started (but: it does not use the payload that TagoIO will require).