MakeZurich Vol.II: TTN Hackathon

Hi folks,

Last week, we ran the second edition of a large hackathon based on TTN / LoRaWAN and Civic Technology here in Zurich: Make Zurich Vol. II, besides being a TTN-event, we are also trying to make it easy to replicate in other communities, so plenty of the infrastructure used to run the event is open sourced, and more of it will come in the short term.

Here are a few links in case you’re interested:

We have lots of graphic assets that we will sort out and publish on github also in the coming days. If anyone is interested in replicating the experience in another community under the same “Make X” branding, or just wants to gather feedback of how the experience was, please get in touch.

And if you’re in Bern, Switzerland in October, some of the organizers of the event will be presenting the conceptual framework and the ideals that drive the event during DINACon 2018: