Making a TTN tracker with open-source firmware

I’m making since 6 year from now a Sigfox Tracker (foxtrackr) and recently I’ve made a big update on its hardware. The new version is Sigfox + LoRaWan as it has been made with a Murata ABZ module for the core processor. Basically this tracker is commercial with an advanced firmware and tracking services.
Today I’m looking to make a special firmware version of this tracker, open-source, based on my sdk (it-stm32-sdk), easy to hack and flash over USB for the TTN community, like for making coverage map with ttnmapper. Working on its own (no need of commercial services).
The tracker is 50x50x20, working with a LiPo, running low power. It has an accelerometer, Temp & Pressure sensor, Magnetic fields detector, GPS module in it. LiPo can be charged over USB.
It can support world wide LoRa. The price should be about 50 euros.

My project is to make this edition through a crowdfounding campain.

My question are:

  • would this make sense ?
  • would you have some suggestion ?
  • would you be interested in ?


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First, your website provides many very useful resources. Thank you.

To answer your question from a business view, have you looked at what other devices already exist?

I for one do not need a TTNMapper module, I do not think people need to map that often. And if they want to map, they do not need accelerometer, temp, pressure or compass.

But that’s not to say there isn’t room for a module that can be configured as a user needs if the configuration at both hardware & software level is made simple enough.