Map of Gateways

just wondering, if I want to show a person without a login acount the coverage of TTN Gateways, to which page should I point? I’m missing a simple (heat) map with all gateways (not only communities).
I scrolled and clicked around but I can’t find a page to answer “Will a TTN node (most likely) work in my area or do I need a own gateway from the very beginning?”.

Give TTN Mapper a try.


as far as I understand, TTN Mapper is 3rd party and will only display gateways which got received GPS data forwarded (and non experimental data). So I doubt it is not complete.

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thank you. Is there a walktrough starting from ?

Of what, the map? Or something like all of LoRaWAN? If the second, there is a menu at the top with Learn on it …

Sorry, I thought you would like to see the coverage.

Thanks, I didn’t know about that one. I only knew the rotating globe on which looks nice but is not really helpful.

Perhaps the map can be linked more clearly/obviously from the main page.

I support that. Imho a map of the gateways is an essential information for people who think about to start with TTN.


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