Max ERP in Canada


I try to find what is the max Effective Radiated Power in Canada.
I found this article:

I guess Canada depends on FCC and what I understand is we are allowed to 30dBm? Can you confirm that?

You need to look at ICC regs :wink: not FCC (USoA)

Often Canada is following US…
But I found this website:

and they talk about 30W :thinking: . 44dBm looks big compared to 14dBm in Europe!

That 30W power level requires licencing.

Licence excempt use is limited to 3mW.

How yes you are right i didn’t saw this paragraph. Well it gives 24dBm, it’s good to know!

imho 3mW is about 5dBm.

You are right. It’s monday and I am already tired…
Wll my gateway has an output power of 20dBm and I can’t go more the 5dBm…