Maximum Power Library LMIC

Hey guys !! My question may be silly, but if you can help me, I appreciate it.

I use the SX1276 radio, following the tutorial bellow

The my question is about TX power in MCCI library, how do I operate at full power?

in +20dbm? Should I set only the configuration below?

LMIC_setDrTxpow(DR_SF12,20); // Set data rate and transmit power for uplink

I was in doubt, as I saw some posts about PA_BOOST, but I didn’t understand.

20 dbm is the maximum, correct?

Thank very much!!

In a lot of places in the World, the default setup for TTN at 14dBm is the legal limit.

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Hello @LoRaTracker, how is going? Exactly, but in my country there is no such limitation, and it would only be for exams and documents. Do you have any idea how to help me?


If I help, can I have a part of your degree??

Or you could read the source code for LMIC (like I did) and then read the spec sheet for the SX1276 (like I did) and run some software tests (like I did) and then you will deserve your degree.

Most, but not all SX1276 based modules use the PA-BOOST pin for RF output.

Some SX1276 modules will use the RFO_HF pin for RF output, the SX1276 datasheet should be studied for the details of the differences and maximum available power etc.

Which country is that ?

Uolll @descartes , take easy man!! I don’t speak English very well, I usually use google translated. He translated “test” as “exam”. I’m not taking an exam, a school exam.

It’s for my bench test.

I admire your intelligence in setting up all this alone, but I don’t know, because I asked for help! If you can help me, i will thank you

@LoRaTracker , I am from Brazil =D

Strangely I find Google Translate is rather good at context and last I knew, "exames’ is “exams” and “testes” is “tests” …

Most of us are jurisdictions where 14dBm is the legal limit, so most of us haven’t tried increasing the power output because that would be illegal.

How does it not help for you to go and learn the stuff the same way the rest of us did?

You are not polite. Looking at your edits your are rude.

To get back to the question, have you checked the datasheet as suggested? PA_BOOST is explained in it.

You’re right @kersing. I’m sorry. I will research more, study more. I’m sorry for this

Google for sx1276 and you will find the datasheet on the Semtech website. At least that is where I found it when I entered the part name 10 minutes ago.
Once you studied that datasheet you will probably need to look at the datasheet for the module you are using as you will need to know which output is connected to the antenna. Not knowing which module you use I can’t help you find it.

Btw I am going to remove one of your posts as as a moderator I do find it not in line with forum policy. Just so you know who removed it and why.

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@kersing , when you said datasheet, I thought it was strange, I thought it would be a LMIC library documentation, but no, it’s the SX1276 -RFM95W 915Mhz document. I’ll start with him.

Thank you very much