MCF-LW13MIO Configuration and use

Has anyone here worked with the above device?

Its a multi interface LoRa device which will monitor 16 ports and control a further 8 Relay outputs.

The manual is light to say the least and the one thing that I can’t find is the software used to configure it? The manual alludes to something called LoRa PC but I can’t find it anywhere. The website gives no other information at all.

It’s looking like an expensive folly at the moment, so if anyone has any experience of this device, all advice welcome…


Thanks for that, but it doesn’t seem to take me anywhere? Am I missing something?

Hi Jim,

it takes you to the manufacturer of this device and I’m sure they can answer your question about that ‘LoRA PC’ … that was my idea :wink:
But maybe there are users here who know that too.

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1 key thing is whilst capable in terms of I/O I believe that this is designed for Class C use cases (timeley control and use of outputs almost demands that) and so not sure if a good fit to use on TTN (Class A devices only)

They actually have it in the store so I naturally made the assumption there was a level of compatability. I’m actually less worried about the outputs.

There will be a level of compatability as the LoRaWAN specification requires all Class B & Class C devices to also support Class A as a fall-back/minimum, however, its likely that a lot of functionality, control and resposiveness for a device like this will be lost as a result…also remember too the TTN FUP will also limit useability wrt not only uplinks but also for a device like this and its intended use cases the command & control downlinks…