Meetup May 31: Quantified Self and the Social Internet of Things

This session provides an overview of popular data platforms, APIs, fitness and IoT Communities plus a live demo of selected services by Werner Keil who will visit our country for a couple of days. Werner is known for many things related to IoT, QS (Fitness, Health tracking) and combinations. He participated in the Raspberry Pi challenge at JavaOne, presented a similar setup wit Polar Heart meter and Raspberry Pi at Maker Faire Trondheim, gave presentations at Social Media Week, Java Land or M2M Summit in Cologne. He is specialized in JSR 363 which is used especially in Eclipse SmartHome / OpenHAB, and gave presentations at Eclipse DemoCamps in Europe, America and Asia, many on IoT or Science among other topics.

The Quantified Self, the process of measuring, logging and usually sharing metrics related to your health and fitness over a period of time, in most cases, by using one or more sensing devices. Aiming for behavioral change like staying fit or losing weight.
Other use cases include tracking blood sugar, steps, pulse or heart rate blurring the boundaries between recreational fitness and health care.

Once data has been collected, transmitted, and processed, it can be brought into a Sensor data platform (“the Cloud”) for making applications from real-time data sources, either directly or via API. This forms a new category of web service to integrate data flows from different IoT quantified sensor devices, web services, and social networking activity.
The resulting paradigm, named Social Internet of Things (SIoT), has great potential to support novel applications for Human and Machine to Machine (M2M) Connectivity. Multiple IoT devices can offer or request autonomous services and collaborate on behalf of their owners. Additional sources like their preferred social network allows device owners to challenge each other and compare how many steps they took, how far they walked or how much weight they lost in a particular time frame.

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The Quantified Self … The absolute dead of privacy :wink:

The Quantified Self … The absolute dead of privacy

A lot of things are changing. Also privacy, so would be great to discuss with each other such as if we can store those things more in user owned data environments.

So I rented a very eco friendly house from Alphabet, they build a few thousend of them in my town.
I am allowed to live there but I had to sign a contract that allow them to ‘gather personnel data’
Build in the sewer system are sensors, in the living room and all rooms there are sensors and microphones.
He, my insurer gives me a discount because they know (?) that I sport 3 times a week and only drink 2 beers in the weekend.

I am a ‘techie’ and very interested in the technology … but I don’t like at all what’s going on at this very moment.

weight sensors in your connected car seat ’ Hi BoRRoZ, we noticed you’ve gained weight blabla ’

‘user owned data environments’ … like your medical files, bank accounts ? LOL
Privacy is in the near furture only available for those who can afford that very, very expensive commodity imho.

thanks for the invite :sunglasses: