Message loss using mqtt subscription?


Below is an image showing the received messages every hour for the last 24 hours, 07:00 (utc) 24th Oct - 07:00 25th Oct. Red graph shows data received in cayenne, while the blue is my own mqtt subscription. It’s the same device, and the device sends every 5th minute.
Take a look at my next figure, same device as in the previous figure, data is colleceted via mqtt and shows received messages every hour for the last 30 days. Ignore the period with zero received messages, that was local incident.

It could of course be my mqtt subscription service, but I don’t see any indicators of that beeing the case.

So, what have happened, since I lost less messages before, could it be:

  • Related to the unstabilities ttn have had lately / due to the increasing load ttn is experiencing?
  • A local problem of mine with unknown cause.

Is anyone experiencing the same?


See backend packet loss. Had some issues with the UDP-connection, but still not clear if messages are lost in the connection or in the backend. referring to the Gateway logs Messages are acknowleged.