Microchip RN2483 lead times >12 weeks?


So I’m working on an nRF52840 based project using an RN2483/RM104 module. We’ll be assembling some 6 or so prototypes within the next couple of weeks. All in a sudden the RN2483 modules are out of stock everywhere.

Anyone any insight on the story? Anyone some left-over stock?



I noticed too … and now very difficult to get your hands on :worried:

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@jdp - any reasons/sources?

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Thanks Joey, that’s good to know - been heads down for a while and hadnt been in contact with him recently…any idea where now?

Appreciate the logistics/supply chain issues - curious as to how come all stocked out at same time - cant all be bad planners! :wink: usually a supply issue or a critical component shortage delaying builds - common in this biz I guess, or more positively a big up swing in demand - good for LoRa roll outs if thats the case, if not for individual device consumers, even if unforecast/unplanned demand :slight_smile:

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If you ask the mfg they will give a typical a lead time… 12weeks+ is not uncommon.
(for example some resistors and capacitors recnetly have been on a 20wk~40wk+ lead time in the high volume OEM electronics industry).

The distributors and supplies are meant to smooth out the “lumps an bumps” of supply and demand, even for customer without forecast orders.

Look up JDP on Linked-in - he as a great new LoRaWAN role.



Yes, I was going to say that I washed my hands of the Mchip stuff literally exactly 12months ago. The last thing I did was speak at TTN conference 2018 then told everyone after I walked off stage.

So I can’t say why the supply has dried up this time, but I can tell you how it works. The distis don’t really hold any stock, they just do back-to-back orders. Catalogues (Mouser, Digikey, RS, Farnell) do hold real stock so they are the best place to search.
Microchip direct is also the first place new stock will appear. When out-of-stock the date you will see is today+12weeks, but in reality they could materialise tomorrow. The system is not transparent.

I doubt its a component supply issue as these volumes are close to nothing for Microchip.

Checking Microchipdirect I see there is a 105 firmware coming. This is 99% likely to be the reason for delays. Transitions were never their strong point, and it really messes up the distis/catalogue order books.

My advice - buy any old RN2483A version you can get you hands on and update the firmware yourself

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