Microchip SAMR34 Joining Denied

No. Its disabled.

Hi there, I’m back to CY,
I put my Gemtek mini-hub and RAK831 online.
Recompiled both workshop and vanilla projects.
Both works immediately. Tested with public gateway - also works.

I cannot explain why it had problems in NL. Now ti works with no issues.

Thank you all for input and attention.

I assume that both where using EU868?

Yes, EU868.

A bit odd then, both my RAK831 and the R34 worked fine on 868 without any issue. 915… that was a differnet story.

yes it was weird, and i’ve been able to establish today what was going on with that gateway. It was setup as an EU-868 gateway locally, but TTN thought it was a 915Mhz. After a longer discussion with the owner, it turns out that he had’nt actually connected any 915 devices to it.

good news is that now his gateway is running properly.

I too have had in interesting time getting the SAMR34 to join.
Am in Australia, using a Things Indoor Gateway. As advised in this thread, using AU_BAND and set #define SUBBAND 2, and at each join request nothing seen on the gateway traffic - just could not get it working.
Changed the operation from AU_BAND to NA_BAND, and bingo, join requests seen on the console and are successful (still sub-band 2).
Happy to see it working, but not sure where the problem with AU_BAND operation is, whether a mismatch between the SAMR34 settings and the Gateway settings?

Was this a change on the SAMR34 or the gateway.

This was on the SAMR34 - the Microchip naming convention, from Australian to North American band.

Sounds like your gateway is configured wrong… It needs to be configured in both the console and the device…

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