MicroPython OTAA Node

I would like to use MicroPython to make an OTAA join request Node. My node is an ESP32 + SX1276 node. The LoRaWAN lib that I have seen so far is uLoRaWAN (GitHub - mallagant/uLoRaWAN: LoRaWAN implementation in MicroPython). Is there anyone success using this lib with MicroPython on ESP32.

As there does not seem to be any handling of MAC commands, whilst you may be able to get a join, you’ll find all the settings that are sent by the Network Server can’t be processed unless you write the code for that.

Thank you Nick. It seems that it is uncomplete lib. Hope someday, there will be an usable one.

If you look there are already plenty of threads here on how to correctly use the mostly working LoRaWAN library that is available for ESP32 hardware.

It just won’t be micropython.