MicroPython with Heltec LoRa V.3 SX1262

I saw MicroPython lib for SX1262 at GitHub - GereZoltan/LoRaWAN: Possibly complete LoRaWAN implementation in micropython with SX1262. Is there anyone success using this lib with Heltec LoRa V.3?


Generally, there are some steps to try to integrate these components together:

Make sure the LoRa chip used by the Heltec LoRa V.3 development board is compatible with the SX1262 chip supported by GereZoltan’s library. Heltec LoRa V.3 is usually equipped with Semtech’s SX127x series chip instead of SX1262.

It is recommended to solve potential compatibility and integration issues through careful hardware and software debugging, as well as community support.

Moderator highlight - this is totally incorrect - suspect use of AI + it’s a competitors product.

The LoRaWAN library used does not seem to handle the mandatory MAC commands, until proven otherwise it should not be used with TTN as it will result in a downlink packet for each uplink (= DoS attack on the gateways near the device)

The last line looks typical of AI generative content - for very generic answers there is a place for others to go and use those tools - but for complex questions and for using as a post on forums, not at all.

Or perhaps it’s because it’s a competitors product because the facts are wrong.

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Thank you for confirming my thoughts. It’s wrong advice.

Hopefully someone can make it work with ESP32 and keep improving it.