Migrate all at once

Good day,

After an hour of reading. it is still not clear to me how i can move everything from V2 to V3.

what is the quickest way to migrate all nodes.
i want a select all and move. (rebooting the nodes isn’t a big problem)

can someone explain in simple steps how to do that?

Simplest way would be to pay someone.

Otherwise you migrate your gateways using the CLI tools and the devices with the Migration tool. You can script the application migration as well.

If you give us some quantities it would help.

Are you nodes on OTAA or ABP? Can you reflash them?

Good day,

At the moment there are 5 devices. (only otaa)

So the easiest way would be to delete the devices and drive around to re-add them. (2 of them are an hour drive. The rest is walk distance.)

The only problem is nr. 5 i lost the firmware and would need to re-create it.

If needed perfectly fine. However if i can move them all at once that would be the best solution.

I own 2 gateways. The single channel is already moved by a re-flash. The things industries gateway has its own page on how to move it.

Does the firmware allow a remote reboot?

That is not a LoRaWAN compliant device and will cause issues for (other) TTN users. Please disconnect from TTN ASAP.

The firmware doesn’t… But i can instruct people to simply remove the battery for a minute. I think that will do the trick :wink:

Also the single channel was already phased out in favor of the tti gateway. However on one location the coverage was gone. So the quick solution was to place the old gateway nearby the sensor.

Don’t worry about other users. The gateway don’t reach outside the room. It is a small development board. With only a few meters range.

In that case just add the devices with the same EUIs and keys to V3. For 5 devices I wouldn’t bother with the migration tools. In V2 change one byte of the key so when reset the device is forced to join V3.
Don’t forget to set your uplink decoder(s) and to update your integrations to the new data format.

Yeah, and I only had one pint officer, I measured it and there weren’t any other drivers on the road.

Please replace this ‘thing’ with a TTIG or PyGate or other low cost 8 channel gateway, you can not be sure what other devices are around that may be misled by your Single Channel Packet Forwarder.