Migrating procedure - From TTS_SANDBOX To TTS_Cloud (Migrate Without Persisting Active Session)

I am learning the Migrating procedure. Specifically from TTS_SANDBOX to TTS_Cloud (Migrate Without Persisting Active Session). I follow the procedure described in the documentation, I got to the step to export the device data file but I encountered the following error:
Error: error:go.thethings.network/lorawan-stack-migrate/pkg/export:export (export device 75-skysens-skycld1-xxx)
error:go.thethings.network/lorawan-stack-migrate/pkg/export:export (export device 75-skysens-skycld1-xxx)
— error:pkg/auth/rights:insufficient_application_rights (insufficient rights for application 75-skysens-xxx@ttn)

Any hint where to look for the problem?
Best regards, Tomo

The error message pretty much spells out the problem of no read rights on the application.

Please format JSON / serial / logs etc with the </> tool - that way it syntax highlights which makes it more readable which may highlight the issue.

Dear Nick.
Thanks for the help.
I found errors.
Now is OK. :wink: