Migration of TTIGs to The Things Stack CE (v3)

True! - will go silent running on this until you have more to share… :slight_smile:

I have the same issues, most IG are located at un-attended sites that are visited very infrequently…

without an easy solution, this will be another big pain…

Suggest that you have a check box in TTN V2 to force migration, to a user V3 account… or in V3 to accept a V2 GW to my account by supplying correct V2 account information. MAKE IT EASY FOR THE USER!


aging, TTN needs to consider making it easy for the user and not to do the minimal coding to make it easy on your staff…

This is wholly unfair on the TTI staff who provide you with a whole enterprise level LoRaWAN stack plus the servers plus sysops to look after it for free.

And there is nothing minimal about any of the coding.

This forum serves to provide a discussion about such matters, which is what is going on here. As much as we’d like the TTI staff to moonlight as a jobbing LoRa deployment consultancy, they can’t think of everything.


I just bought a TTIG from RS and I am expectant to be able to use it in V3. Is there already a due date for v3.12.2?

Kind regards.

Just plug it in and it will forward traffic to your V3 applications right now. For the gateway to be visible in V3 you will need to be patient. Might happen anytime soon but also in two months.

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Can we please keep this thread for what it was intended? I don’t want new members coming here and asking for general TTIG debugging. There are enough threads for that.

I just bought a TTIG from RS and I am expectant to be able to use it in V3. Is there already a due date for v3.12.2 ?

v3.13.2 is scheduled for 23 June; v3.13.2 Milestone · GitHub


Hi, @KrishnaIyerEaswaran2:

Thanks a lot for the info.

And also thanks to @kersing. As he pointed out, even if the TTIG is not visible at all, the brand-new gateway was able to forward packets to the corresponding application in the V3 console. I had no issues with both uplink and downlink messages.

Good job and, again, thanks to all!


@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 earlier you mentioned v3.12.3 is scheduled for 23 June then you mentioned v3.13.2 as git link

My console state v3.13.1


I can see already a gateway with the same EUI in v3 console but disconnected. And it seems the gateways shows connected still on v2.

You mean that the claim process on v3 will be available from v3.13.2? (or v3.12.2?)

Thanks for confirming that!


Yes, because 3.13.2 is scheduled for 23 June …


I see the confusion. I’ve fixed the version in my comment. We are in the process of internal testing. Once we are confident, we’ll deploy to the community clusters and inform users here.


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I’m about to register 3 new TTIG on TTN. Should I register them on the V2 console before gateway registration is disabled or should I wait a couple of days to register them directly on the V3 console?
Thanks in advance for your precious advice.

Absolutely no harm in registering it on v2 so it’s working right now.

I think we are awaiting the release of instructions on how to claim our TTIGs on v3.


Are there any news about this migration and the claiming process? Thank you in advance.

Yes, it’s working but it needs some refinement.

We’ll share an update later today/tomorrow on this along with V2 going read only. Please stay tuned.


It apparently already has - for gateway registration.

So i undestood… later today / tomorrow is equal to “tomorrow”? right?