MikroTik Gateway Question

Hi all,
In setting up a Mikrotik LR8 gateway today I clicked on the Reset Devices button (see image) and the gateway was removed. Now I cannot find how to restore it.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


I’m also a user but no direct experience of this specific issue and frankly dont want to test on one of mine in case I brick it or get to same point as you! :wink: , however, if I recall @fcojmontilla is a fan of these and seems to know them and ROS quite well if I recall historic discussions correctly… if still active on the forum perhaps he can assist?!

Dont think he/she has been around for 6+months but perhaps a DM may attract attention if this post doesnt!

Oh, and BTW what does the GW documentation tell you on this point?

Note: Bit late for you now but I have the impression from (admitedly limited) experience with them that they are a bit heavy going for general users or people who just want something ‘that works’, but great for the networking pro’s who want to get down and dirty with all the settings :wink: (JMHO!)

Also I know Jac @kersing has used them so perhaps he can help…

Thanks Jeff. A reset yesterday didn’t clear this up. So I reset it again and then disconnected it and this morning the device has reappeared, so not bricked, luckily.
Mikrotik has sent some docs over on how to fix this also.

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