MiniHub pro migration V2 to V3


I am trying to migrate my gateway form TTN V2 to TTN V3. I removed the gateway from V2 and added to v3. However the Minihub Pro gateway from Browan appear off line.

Gateway model TBMH110
FW 1.0.16
Configuration: Packet forwarder
GW set up to redirect to

If you have any idea to help, feel free
Thanks a lot,

I have no experience with a Browan TBMH110 but it looks like a TTIG with ESP32 instead of ESP8266 microcontroller.

The firmware will possibly be different but have you looked at TTIG and V3 topics to see if it contains any information thay may also be applicable for your TBMH110?

If you check other posts on the forum you will see that you need to provide much more details before others can provide any useful help.

  • Have you searched the forum for people with similar issue with their gateway?
    Gateways do not necessarily have to be identical.
  • What have you tried?
  • What have you checked (e.g. gateway live data in console)?
  • What are the results (other than ‘appear offline’)?

Thanks bluejedi for trying, i looked already on the forum for similar issue on the forum since 1 week and finally this morning i managed to have the GW Online !! So let me share the GW radio & channel settings i changed if can help somebody having same trouble than me.