Missing data in Node-Red

We are using node-red-contrib-ttn to retrieve data from TTN. That works pretty well, but from manual debugging we found, that sometimes packets are not delivered in node-Red. This does not happen often (maybe once an hour), but often enough to recognize.

Can somebody explain the way, the node connects to TTN? Are there any conditions, that could cause data loss?

It may well be an issue with our own installation (RPi3B+), but to find out some background information would be heplful. I did not find too much on github…

I would start with finding out if packets are showing up in ttn console when they are not seen in node red.
This could lead to two explanations:

  1. Packet came in and was seen in console but is not forwarded to node red --> you could try to use mqtt directly not node-red-contrib-ttn (check here: MQTT API Docu )
  1. Packets doesn’t come into application console. There could be many causes. it could be your node, your gateway, something wrong with gateway to ttn or something between Gateway console and application console. I find my self sometimes in this situation and it can be frustrating.

you could also try to watch your gateways console (RPi) and see if packets are received by GW but no forwarded to TTN correctly or lost somewhere.

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In node red we can install a packet counter or even write out a message log. That is a good way to detect missing packets.

Is there any way to get similar information inside TTN?

Oh yea I have the same issue. But from 5 packages only one was forwarded to the node-red.
I have the storage active in TTN and after refresh I saw all my 5 packages in the application data console.
Also I saw the packages was forwarded from gateway to an broker.
Where is the error?
And yes very crazy if I have open the data console and the gateway at same time. The package appears in the gateway data console but not in the application at real time (with port and counter) and this packages will also not forwarded to the node-red.
After I refresh my browser all packages is see stored. But without counter and so on.

I’m wondering if the new V3 backend console with have stats on lost packets by device etc ?

I’m wondering if the new V3 stack is usable already… Currently TTI is still running the old stack, but as everybody is busy building the new stack, nobody puts much effort to keep the old stack running. So we have no clear statemant about the reson for losses.