Modify APP EUI in end device

Hello everyone, I need to modify the APP EUI, I mistakenly entered the same value as the DEV EUI, since they coincided with the same header. I have tried to create the final device again, but TTN tells me that it already exists. It is a DRAGINO LTC2-HT Temperature Sensor.
how could i solve it? (I don’t have the possibility to do it with CLI, it gives me problems; it would have to be through the console or the TTN managers).
thank you

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So you cant delete the one created in error from the console?

There’s no option to update the primary identifiers (Application EUI, Device EUI, Device ID, Application ID) of a device.
These fields are handled in a special way in the database and we can’t just update them.
The only option is to delete the device and recreate it.

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