Monitoring project for a small fish farm

Hi Everyone,

I’m very new in this, so, i’ll try to be as accurate as possible but please be gentle with me :).
I’m working in a Fish farm and I would like to set up a monitoring system.

Initial conditions :
The owner has his house 500meters away from the pools, the pools are an open circuit of water, where the water is coming from a small river, and going back in once passed through the pools.
Sometimes, they way gets blocked by leaves and the level in the pool gets critical.
Secondely, if a power cut happens, the aerators shutdown … and this can turn quickly bad

What I need :
So ! I will be setting up a wifi relay between the pools and his house, next to the pools we have a small building where i’m going to set up a computer (which will receive datas from sensors).
And here is where it gets hard for me, Im struggling to know what would be the best option for my case, Lora/Lorawan seems to be a potential solution for what I want which is :

-Setting up a video feed (that won’t record, i just want to be able to remotely activate and monitor when i need)
-Having a sensor that catch the tension (I wanna know when a powercut happens)
-And monitoring basical stuff like the level of my pool, the 02 in the water, temperature…

I heard about Arduino as well,maybe both? tell me guys what do you think about it,

Thanks and have a good one !