Bienvenu(e)(s) sur le topic de la communauté Montpelliéraine :slight_smile: /
Welcome on Montpellier community’s topic

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english please :sunglasses:

Salut à l’hérault qui rejoint Lora !

Welcome “Neighbours”.

Nice, been there 2 weeks ago for Lora POC, welcome on board :wink:

Ça y est on a rempli toutes les conditions, sauf une ! Célébrer l’évènement !

Si ça vous va on peut faire ça au fablab :wink: Que ça soit la ou pas, quelle date ?


It’s ok, all conditions are fullfilled, except one ! Celebration !
If you want we can do it at the fablab :wink: Even it’s yes or no, which date ?


We have organized an open event to present the TTN community of Montpellier !


Here is the direct link for reservation :


Hi @BoRRoZ ,

@labsud wants to add me in the Core Team of Montpellier community. How can he do that ?

Thanks for your help

sorry I have to ask @rish / @laurens :sunglasses:



For the future: every core team member of a community can promote members to the core team via the community dashboard. See:

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Thank u :sunglasses:

This was a great meeting :slight_smile:

Thank you everybody for coming !


@rish @BoRRoZ @laurens : Nice vibes from our guests regarding TTN !


thank you for organizing !

Very nice, would you mind sharing your presentation?


Here you are, happy to share !

Sorry but it’s in french :rooster:

ttn-lora-presentation.pdf (2.7 MB)

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That’s fine,

Justement j’espérais que ce soit en français, c’est pour la communauté de Poitiers :wink:

En plus elle est top la présentation, mille merci

Thank you for sharing

Impeccable ! Je fais suivre aux hackers Grenoblois aussi, merci.


En complément de l’INRA ma partie de la même présentation qui traite de LoRa :

LoRa.pdf (931.5 KB)


We have presented TTN in another meeting with a lot of people from research and education (

Very good feedback and some projects on the way :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !



Someone from CNRS was present at the last meeting. He found TTN very interesting and I have been invited to present TTN to CNRS electronics engineers.
That was a great meeting by the Mediterranean see :
Once again everybody feels there are a lot of things to do with LoRa and TTN :wink:

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