More TTN gateways down? In the Console and URL!

I have som 15 gateways in my TTN Console.

3 of them went “Off-line” since yesterday.

They are about 2 till 5 km away form each other

When I you my Adeunis field tester, I see in the TTN console of the application that my Adeunis contacts ALL 3 of these gateways.

Someone from TTN here to help? I think there is an error on the TTN site…

One of the gateways I have at home, power down - power up. It recieves messages, I see the gateway ID on the TTn Console at Applications, but the TTN console shows still off-line…

@TheThingsNetwork or @thethingsnetworkmain: if you need gateways EUI, no problem


Have you read about the known issue with gateway status information in the console?? The one we have to quote every few days?

Hi @kersing, I think my search criteria were not correct. Thanx for the tip.