Move device from one application to another

A novice question.
I registered my 3 devices (sensors) in one application. I could see that they all sent data, but that the data was encoded.
Reading some more I learned that the data was encoded and that I needed to use a decoder script to make sense of the data.
At this point I discovered that the decoder function is written for each device and that this javascript comes with my device. Two of my devices comes from the same manufacturer and has a decoder function that can handle the data for the two devices.

What I needed to do was to create a new application and then connect one of the sensors to his application. This so that i could register the decoder function that makes sense of the data it sends.

I could not find a “Move device” button in the console so I decided to just delete it and register it on a new application.
I wrote down all the information about the sensor from its settings page (Device EUI, Application EUI and so on)

When registering the device on the new application I typed in the Device EUI and so on. But the status of the device is “never seen”.

Moving a device from one application to another must be a thing that is done quite frequently - but I’m not able to find the procedure. I’m grateful for any help on this simple question.


Is it an OTAA device? If so, did you reboot it?

Move of devices in my experience always requires a reboot. (ABP as well as OTAA)

Btw I don’t think it is done frequently, most people will create a new node in an application and reprogram the device with the new credentials. That usually implies a reboot/rejoin so that gets things working.

Hi - Yes it is a OTAA device.
I have a gateway.
When I look at the gateway traffic I see that it is sending data one an hour (can see its device ID).

I have not restarted the device. I will restart the device and see it that works.

I took out the battery and inserted it again. I see in the gateway traffic that the device is sending data.
But the sensor status is still “never seen”

The device is a Tabs Model TBHH100 - Smart Building Sensors - Temperature & Humidity

Did you see a join request for the device?

Just what l guess is temperature
“gw_id”: “eui-58a0cbfffe801b46”,
“payload”: “QCouASaArAlnLX3tvWv3O6kpIW1v”,
“f_cnt”: 2476,
“lora”: {
“spreading_factor”: 7,
“bandwidth”: 125,
“air_time”: 56576000
“coding_rate”: “4/5”,
“timestamp”: “2020-04-13T21:51:31.746Z”,
“rssi”: -64,
“snr”: 8.75,
“dev_addr”: “26012E2A”,
“frequency”: 868100000

Looking at the counter (f_cnt) that device has not been reset and has not performed a new OTAA which is required.

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Yes. I see that the device just keeps on sending data.
I can’t find anything about resetting the device in the manual.

Check TABS nodes from Tracknet (now Semtech)

Thanks a lot @kersing :slight_smile:

Hi @terchris,
I currently have the same problem you had. I removed a device (same Tabs device in fact) from one application and registered it with a new application. I can see traffic going though my gateway but the device is ‘never seen’. I also tried removing/replacing the battery. Presumably the device needs to be reset somehow and/or go through OTAA again? I’m not sure how to do this. Did you get your device to work in the end?

Many thanks