Move The Things Kickstarter Gateway to V3

Bonjour J’ai du mal à comprendre la discussion. J’ai une TTN-GW-868 qui est impossible à reconnecter : activate bloqué sur le ‘Step 4’, les 5 leds qui font n’importe quoi depuis quelques jours : LED 1 ON, LED 2 LOW, LEDS 3 4 5 OFF ; ALL LEDS FAST ; ALL LEDS OFF ; LED 1 ON ; LEDS 1 + 2 ON ; LEDS 1 + 2 + 3 ON ; LEDS 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 ON ; LEDS 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 ON ; ALL LEDS OFF ; and loop x 10 etc… qu’est ce qui se passe ? est-ce une mise à jour de plusieurs heures ?

This is an English only forum.

TTIG not supported on v3 until Monday

Sorry for the language (but it’s easy to automatically translate to another language with today’s web tools). What is unfortunate here is that in the activate procedure, it would have been very useful to indicate that for weeks it was not possible to register directly under the activate procedure … My boss takes me for a incompetent because I can not register a gateway although it succeeded 2 months ago.

But here is’t not TTIG but TTN-GW-868 :wink:

Which is what Nick was encouraging you to do and is what we ask of all forum users when posting if English isnt 1st or even 2nd language…1 person doing the translation for themselves when posting is a lot more efficient that expecting potentially 140k people to do it each time if they wish to try and understand and potentially contribute :wink: By all means dual language post if you wish - that means your native language speakers may also see any subtleties and errors as well as maximising chance of response from the rest of us…

Guess Nick was so distrated by the language issue he missed the key TTIG vs TGW ( I assume Kickstarter eddition) bit, an inturn I was led by his response… :slight_smile: Also note title of thread where you have posted (TTIG)* (EDIT/UPDATE Below) hence obvious assumption to make and not the 1st time the two have been confused…


*EDIT/UPDATE for anyone confused by comment OP and follow up comments original post under a TTIG subject: Migration of TTIGs to The Things Stack CE (v3) - #29

You posted in the TTIG topic so no wonder people get confused. I’ve moved the messages to prevent further confusion.

Check Want to move my TTN Gateway to V3 - #9 by aberenyi for additional information by a successful forum user.

Yup, this definitely got lost in translation - on mobile phone, drinking Stella, TTIG category, reading French, wife shopping for pencils, sunny …

Personally, I’d change jobs to get away from an incompetent boss - but another solution in future would be to get your Pointed-Haired-Boss (see Dilbert) next to you and agree on a post on this forum and then you can print out the answers to show him what the mass-mind that is the TTN forum has to say.