Move your TTIG to V3: YES!

Thanks a lot for the solution. It works!

Make sure your TTIG is not yet registered on V3.

  • How can you tell if you are registered on V2 or V3?

Any gateway registered after 30 June of this year will be registered on V3 as registration on V2 was disabled that day.

Just my luck.
I registered my Indoor gateway on Jun 30, 2021 23:45:25.

So what, none of the instructions mention v2.

Just CLAIM it on v3

If you search the forum you’ll find multiple comments about not deleting it from v2 ‘just in case’.

I am trying…

Yes, very trying - please don’t double post, it’s not a good use of the volunteers time.

Hello, I claimed TTIG in V3 according to above documentation. I un- and replugged it but it stays disconnected in the console and the green LED blinks (freq 1/4 sec).
Before, the TTIG was disconnected for months because I changed WIFI password and forgetting to change it in TTIG as well - I have corrected this. How can I trouble shoot?

Can you check if the extra BasicStation info has appeared in the gateway settings (menu on the left will get you there, scroll down a bit, it appears after the description box, gateway server address & required authentication):

Screenshot 2021-07-10 at 12.32.59

You should expect the LNS key and the three attributes. The numbers/entries/details will not necessarily be the same.

If you can’t see any of this stuff, then delete the gateway and re-claim it.

You will not be able to reuse your gateway ID so think of another one.

PS, the public bit is optional, I turned it on because I’m a nice TTNer

I did everything you wrote above, I can see that the gateway is connected to my WiFi AP, I can ping the IP and I can see that it exchanges traffic:
But the status in the console remains “Disconnected”, the cups attributes are missing and the gateway blinks red and green. I let it run for 2-3hours but nothing changed… Any idea?


Not sure why you remark on your gateway having the CUPS attributes missing, which implies you read my post but read my post above where it says

but when you read it this time, do not past Go, do not collect $200, just do it!

One of my TTIGs took three goes. It’s not a great state of affairs but there is a lot going on in the background to do a claim and it’s only been running a few days now so plenty more ironing out to do.

I did it at least 6 times before I wrote the post yesterday and nothing changed. So, yes, I read your post and also your copy/pasted post in the other thread. Does it help to be a moderator and assume that nobody reads your posts, basically expecting the worst from other people? In my experience if you try something so many times and it doesn’t work your in a situation where you need real help and that’s why I wrote the post, rather hoping for help than sarcasm.

Anyhow: I left the gateway unplugged over night and put it back in this morning and now it is connected. So my message to other users in the same situation: you might have to be patient, don’t expect the system to give you any helpful indication and keep re-trying, even if you have to do that many times.

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When I follow this guide I get the following error
could not update CUPS credentials

Edit : I think this was an error in formatting after copying the eui from v2. When I manually entered it it seems to work

Something you choose not to share with us, so we had no context to your situation.

It doesn’t help to be a moderator as it takes up a fair amount of time, but you are confusing my role as moderator with someone who posts answers which is what I was doing above, you don’t have to volunteer to be a moderator to post pointed comments. As to expecting people not to read my posts, that would be a normal expectation, yes. Some threads go on for 40 to 60 posts before we get a result. If I ask three factual questions to help debug, I usually get at least one full answer, one partial and then we have to go back & forth to get the third answered.

If you’re game, you could add me as a collaborator that can manage gateways only and DM me your EUI and WiFi password and I can have a go.

[ModeratorMode] FYI, we don’t do ad hominem attacks here. [/ModeratorMode]

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Here is my migration experience:
-TTIG bought off … most presumably also from iotshop
-Claiming did only work successfully after the 3rd attempt
-none of the previous attempts did report any errors (always got GW listed in V3, but “disconnected” … several power cycles or “patience” did not help)


-Claiming did only work successfully after the 3rd attempt

What error did you get?

always got GW listed in V3, but “disconnected” …

What’s the status of of the LEDs? Please check their status to determine if they are connected to the WiFi network which seems to be a common cause of disconnection.
The LED States are documented here; The Things Indoor Gateway | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

It worked for him, nothing to fix here!

Security question:
Given that the claim code (Wi-Fi password) is on the label of the gw, can a malicious person that has physical access to the gw re-claim the gw to themselves once I’ve claimed it in V3 once?

Once a gateway is claimed, it would need to be authorized for claiming in order for someone else to be able to claim it. See also Make a Gateway Claimable | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN.

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I did not get any error - just a new GW in V3, which had been listed “Disconnected”, while the V2 version did received packets. The Led used to be solid green. … but as mentioned by McCloud → the third attempt of claiming was successful and there is nothing to be fixed here.
Just wanted to share my experience with others.

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