mPCIe LoRaWAN Gateway Card

would it fit in here

Does RAK833 support LBT?


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Does LBT is quite important now for Gateway? That need increase the cost of hardware. Any insight? look forward to get your valuable comments

Not important. It is only necessary for KR920-923 region for Korea

So that’s important in Korea then! :wink: Guess everything is relative :slight_smile:

5V card so not mPCIe compatible.

Hello, I want to inform anyone that ordering for our concentrator card in 4 variants:

I also want to point out that we will soon offer the following accessories:

  • Antennas
  • Antenna Pigtail
  • USB to Mini PCIe adapter
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Hi Cliff, would you mind updating your table that or the n-fuse card is now available in 868 Mhz and 915 Mhz variants?

sure, no problem :slight_smile:

Hi, are the n-fuse really already available as in they’re already in stock and ready to ship?

The website says “Available in Q3 2018.” which is a bit confusing. Also if they are ready maybe you should update the 3D render to an actual photo as it gives it more credibility. Thanks!

Sorry that is a leftover on the website, they are all in stock.

For the LRWCCx-MPCIE and an mPCIe to USB adapter, there is now a Windows Application called “PicoGW UI”. With this you can set up a Gateway (also TTN compatible) under Windows quickly. There is a ZIP file with the software and a user guide downloadable on the product page.

Hi Cliff!
Thank you so much for your list. I found it very interesting and useful.

Gatintelligent MPCI-GW2

mPCIe card and Raspberry-Pi adapter board.

The card seems to be manufactured by Rejeee or RAK Wireless

1 x is enough :sunglasses:

Semtech SX1302C868GW1 and SX1302C915GW1


based on the new SX1302

236€ on Mouser and Digikey

SX1302 LoRa Gateway Baseband Transceiver pdf

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