mPCIe LoRaWAN Gateway Card

(Barillaro) #22

So far, I have found only LiyaTech is offering mPCIe LoRaWAN adapter for gateway for US Frequency (with Semtech chip) LCM-001.

For others frequencies, you have more options: LiyaTech, Yadom, IMST.

(Cliff Albert) #23

It looks like yadom only has client mPCIe cards no multichannel gateway cards.
Can’t seem to find any IMST PCI products.
Haven’t found any place to buy the Liyatech LCM001 card (with EU freq)

(Barillaro) #24

My apology, you are right about IMST and yadom.

I am buying Liyatech products directly to them. Use the contact us form. So far, they are the only ones who offers mini pci express LoRaWAN adapters.

(Cliff Albert) #25

Do you have a price estimate concerning the Liyatech mPCIe card ?

(Barillaro) #26

$ 148 mPCIe card
$ 500 software drivers and source code

(Joan Sparky) #27

RAKwireless is working on one afaik. They sent me a powerpoint presentation for it. Don’t know if I’m allowed to share though.
Its got USB + SPI (switchable with SEL signal) on a mPCIe connector and can have either SX1308 or SX1301 populated.
Just contact them if you want to know more. Should be having prototypes by now if nothing else came up, as I last commented on the specs at the end of October via mail - they sure would be happy to hear from more people asking for a product like this as their main problem was demand to make it worthwhile.

PS: It’s not using a standard mPCIe interface though, just the form factor, USB pins are the ones of mPCIe, omitting the other PCIe signals (like REFCLKx, PERP0x, PETxx, …) and adding some SPI lines (I proposed that to them). Don’t know if they can be swayed to implement full mPCIe compatibility at this stage and what that would do to the SPI implementation (which mPCIe doesn’t have) and their roadmap.

(24alpha) #28

Do you have any experience with the LCM001 card? if so, is the separate USB connector needed? I mean the USB signals should all be present on the minipcie connector. Also, what are the software drivers and code needed for? Is it just for the USB to SPI converter?

(Barillaro) #29

I can’t answer any of your questions. I haven’t purchased yet. Maybe you would like to try asking those questions to Liyatech and share the answer with us.

(24alpha) #30

I already did - waiting for answer. Will update once they get back to me.

(24alpha) #31

Not much luck with Liyatech I’m afraid. They seem to be unwilling to
a) sell me a card without charging a $500 once-off fee for software and drivers
b) answer my question regarding the USB signals
I figure I’ll have to look elsewhere for my project.

(Nestor Ayuso) #34

another board with mPCIe socket: Espressobin

(Nestor Ayuso) #35

(Barillaro) #36

Here is its data sheet:

As far I know:

The GL5x11 series will have software support in Linux, soon we will release the LoRaWAN packet forwarder in March!!

Also, we will release our LoRaWAN gateway (MiPS platform, OpenWRT) in March too.

(Nestor Ayuso) #37

Pine H64 with PCIe for $26


(Nestor Ayuso) #38

RAK Wireless LoRa Gateway Mini PCIe Card


(Nestor Ayuso) #39

and the Nth one is here:

(Barillaro) #40

I was coming here to tell about OccamSmart mPCIe adapter and I found your post.
You are an hour ahead :joy:

(OccamSmart) #41

Hi there! Thank you for giving OccamSmart a shoutout on here.

While the OccamSmart brand is relatively new to the market, the company behind OccamSmart, Occam Technology Group (previously known as OccamMD) has been making LoRa gateway cards and modules for more than three years.

Actually, the Microchip LG8271/LG9271 gateway modules inside of the TTN gateways are a OEM design by Occam, as the pictures below show.


One of the biggest differences between the Microchip LG8271/LG9271 (TTN’s card) and our mPCIe Smart Gateway card is that our card is a true mPCIe form factor, identifies via either Serial or USB, and can be installed in existing gateway infrastructure (such as HPE’s EL10) to convert existing infrastructure to be LoRa capable.

Of course, the mPCIe Smart Gateway card can be installed in any computer that supports mPCIe and is not simply limited to high-end industrial-grade gateways. Later this month, we are planning on making our packet forwarder for the mPCIe Smart Gateway card available on Github ( I will gladly let this board know when this happens). The initial forwarder will be for x86-64 based gateways with Arm-based gateways to follow.

The card is available for both the North American and European market (915 MHz and 868 MHz) and can be purchased from our OccamSmart store.

If you would like more information, here is the Sales Sheet for the mPCIe Smart Gateway card and here is the Data Sheet for it.

(Nestor Ayuso) #43

one more from Embit, this time based on semtech reference design 2

RAK833 PCIe LoRa Gateway Concentrator Module
(Bryansmith) #44

Any word on when this Embit module will be available for sale @nestorayuso ? A v2 card is definitely more desirable.