mPCIe LoRaWAN Gateway Card

(Vanthome) #65

Hi Cliff, would you mind updating your table that or the n-fuse card is now available in 868 Mhz and 915 Mhz variants?

(Cliff Albert) #66

sure, no problem :slight_smile:

(Jose Marcelino) #67

Hi, are the n-fuse really already available as in they’re already in stock and ready to ship?

The website says “Available in Q3 2018.” which is a bit confusing. Also if they are ready maybe you should update the 3D render to an actual photo as it gives it more credibility. Thanks!

(Vanthome) #68

Sorry that is a leftover on the website, they are all in stock.

(Vanthome) #69

For the LRWCCx-MPCIE and an mPCIe to USB adapter, there is now a Windows Application called “PicoGW UI”. With this you can set up a Gateway (also TTN compatible) under Windows quickly. There is a ZIP file with the software and a user guide downloadable on the product page.

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(Barillaro) #71

Hi Cliff!
Thank you so much for your list. I found it very interesting and useful.

(Nestor Ayuso) #72

Gatintelligent MPCI-GW2

mPCIe card and Raspberry-Pi adapter board.

The card seems to be manufactured by Rejeee or RAK Wireless