Mqtt broker with ttn


I have a server with a integration for a mqtt broker. I want to use a added button in ttn to communicate to that mqtt broker. I saw in ttn the integration mqtt but I cannot change anything there. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks in advance

Sorry for my english. If you install a MQTT broker on your own server and then set up a bridge to the TTN MQTTbroker in it. You have all possibilities on your own MQTT broker. It then behaves as if it would generate the messages itself.

example for bridge my Mosquitto-Server (mosquitto.conf)

connection myttnDevice
bridge_protocol_version mqttv311
remote_username myttnDevicename@ttn
start_type automatic
notifications false
try_private false
remote_password NNSXS.HWderersddddL5OLDI.FWdddododuidjeijijojsdafiojOIIJIJJJJJINOEFBA
bridge_insecure true
topic # in 0
cleansession true

Greats Nils

Have you tried the pub/sub section?