MQTT messaging

Hi, I’m new to TTN.
Previously, I used a non-LoraWan gateway and send raw MQTT messages through it and then use hivemq MQTT broker to do my IOT functions.
Now I need to switch to a new LoraWan gateway and there is no such kind of “pass through” functioning. So I start to do the same thing using The Things Network.
I have just followed the instructions and created application with MQTT server.
I’ve got the MQTT server address “” with those username and passwords.Then I use MQTTBox to test this broker. I publish a simple message to this server but cannot subscribe. I’m using a random topic “TTN/Trial”.
Could you please advise what is wrong? Thank you!!

Please read up on Topics in the documentation.

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TTN does not run a public MQTT server for generic messaging. You can only subscribe to messages from your devices and publish for transmission to your devices.

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Thanks! So my application is simply sending MQTT messages from my LoraWan node and then I have node-red to receive these messages and display in the dashboard.
So what should I do?

In the documentation it describes what topic to subscribe to.

Details of what you have done so far?

Search also a bit on the forum we/me all the volunteers have posted a lot of information on this subject.

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Hi All, thanks for your help. I’ve studied one thread in the forum about MQTT with node-red. Just tried and it works with the simulated uplink message. I will try with the real node device shortly!